CADCAM Tech Support

Why it could be killing your efficiency

Your CADCAM Tech Support is Terrible!

Regardless of what CADCAM software you’re currently using, bad technical support can be killing your profit. Here are 8 reasons why.

1.) Delayed Response Times
Technical questions need to be answered immediately. If you have to wait hours or days to receive a response, you’re wasting valuable time. There’s nothing more profit draining than a CNC machine sitting idle.  

2.) Required Service Tickets
Providing a service ticket for a tech support question is extremely frustrating. In addition to this, service tickets typically delay getting the answers your waiting for. Many times these service tickets take hours or days to get a response. Your time should be spent cutting chips and not wasted on submitting service tickets.

BTW, typically when a company requires a service ticket, they lack the staff to answer your question immediately. This is the painful reality dealt by many CADCAM companies.

3.) Annual Technical Support Fees
If you’re paying an annual fee for technical support, chances are, you’re losing a lot of money. This is how many CADCAM companies sustain a steady income (a steady profit). 

You may have experienced this yourself, forced to pay the annual support fee or you’re not getting your questions answered.

Is this how customers should be treated? 

4.) Post Processor Fees
Having the correct post processors to generate the proper CNC code is critical. Many times, post processor development is not included with technical support. Paying for post processors can be as much as (or more than) 25% of the original cost of the CADCAM software. It’s not uncommon for post processors to cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

5.) Rigid Support Hours
CADCAM technical support available only between normal business hours limits your flexibility. You’re out of luck in regards to tight deadlines or unexpected delivery dates.

When was the last time you were able to contact technical support on a Saturday or after hours? 

6.) Lack of Technical Support Videos
Technical support videos are a powerful asset when answering CADCAM questions. Technical support videos are not a replacement for answers provided via phone or email, they are provided as an excellent supplement to solidify the answers. In addition to this, technical support videos can be downloaded and saved for future reference.  

7.) Lack of Live Support Sessions
Live technical support sessions provided over the internet are a huge asset. The support technician can see what’s on your monitor in real time. In addition to this, the support technician can drive your mouse and keyboard to quickly answer questions. This type of service is secure, easily provided and only requires an internet connection. 

8.) Lack of a Customer Support Portal
A customer support portal is a unique, secure webpage that each customer has access to. Each customer has their own unique support portal. Within the support portal the customer will find a copy of all their technical support videos, download hyperlinks for the latest version of CADCAM, training hyperlinks and all relative support data for that customer.

CADCAM Technical Support For Maximum Efficiency

Maximize your efficiency with tech support designed to assist instead of wasting your time.